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Pole Trick Tutorial: Yogini Pole Move

January 30, 2021 2 min read

Yogini Pole Move

Yogini pole move is one of the moves that you may consider when you are into creating and doing pole dances. Remember to strengthen your core and do the move repeatedly for mastery. 

Flexibility is key but you also need to contract your chest and shoulder blades for easier execution.

Yogini Pole Move: Preliminary Exercises

You must consider these exercises beforehand to achieve more flexibility. Aside from basic stretching, these exercises will also help you build your strength, too.

Simple Steps to a Yogini Pole Move

As a beginner, you do not need to climb up the pole because it might injure you when you fall. Instead, these steps will maintain your distance from the ground.

  1. Grip the pole with your armpit in front of the pole. Note that it is better to use your dominant arm.
  2. Arch your leg on the same side and hold your ankle. Use your other hand to hold the pole to maintain balance.
  3. Arch the other leg and your other hand should grab your ankle. Then, straighten both arms.
  4. Maintain distance between your hips and knees
  5. Push your hipbone to the pole for support and add strength to the arm that squeezes the pole.
  6. Arch your back, chest up, shoulders back to correct your posture.

Recommended Pole Wear

  • Sticky Pole Wear

Sticky leggings will improve your grip on the pole. If you find this move simple, you may opt to use shoekinis for extra sexiness.

If you wish to support your knees because you will be lifting both of your legs, try using kneepads.

  • Sexy Tops

Choose tops that will emphasize your chest while arching your back.

In conclusion, practice with the use of the right pole wear that can help you perfect this move in no time. Check out other pole move tutorials to improve your pole dancing know-how.