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November 14, 2020 3 min read

If you think gift ideas are challenging, then you haven't tried giving a gift to a pole dancer. Pole dancing is such a different world, you'll rack your brains trying to find the perfect item! So, we’re bringing you 8 perfect gift ideas for a pole dancer.

You're welcome.

1. Skirt by Artery Beach Dance

pole wear as a perfect holiday gift

Artery Beach Dance

Gifting anyone with clothes can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to picking sizes. Fortunately, Artery Beach Dance offers a collection of flowy skirts that's perfect for any pole dancer. Not only that, but their skirts also come in free size!

All you have to do is choose among the style of skirts they offer, and you're good to go. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

2. Push and Pole Gift Card

pole wear as gift

Push and Pole

If you're not sure what type of outfit to give, go with a gift card instead from Push and Pole. This fashion brand offers tops and bottoms made specifically for pole dancers.

From underwear to bodysuits and hoodies, this gift card is bound to make any pole dancer happy!

3. Make Me Dusty by Dancing Dust

pole dancer gift

Dancing Dust

Pole grip aid is another gift idea you can't go wrong with. It gives pole dancers a better grip on the pole, allowing them to execute their favorite dance moves easily. And Dancing Dust offers no ordinary grip aids!

Make Me Dusty is an antiperspirant pole grip aids with biodegradable glitter. They also come in different scents you can choose from to spice things up.

Oh, did I mention their products are vegan-friendly?

4. Ballerina Pole Dancing Pin by Little Paper Forest

pole dancer pin

Little Paper Forest

If you feel like giving an accessory, pole dancing pins is your go-to gift. They're simple, cute, and versatile all at once! And Little Paper Forest's Ballerina Pole Dancing Pin is just the perfect gift for any celebration.

Holding an image of a pole dancer doing the "Ballerina" move, it's a great way to express your appreciation for the pole dancer in your life. 

5. Movement Deck by Exhale Movement

movement deck by exhale movement

Exhale Movement

Pole dancing is an art. It takes creativity to integrate different poses that result in beautiful movements. And like everybody else, pole dancers need inspiration to keep going!

The Movement Awakening Deck by Exhale Movement will do just that. It's a deck of cards that suggest movement prompts for inspiration or motivation. If you feel like inspiring a pole dancer today, then look no further!

6. Portable Home Pole by Lupit Pole

portable pole

Lupit Pole

Take it up a notch by gifting a pole dancer with an actual pole. You can go with Lupit Pole's Portable Home Poles Generation 2, specifically the Lupit Classic. It's a great choice for first-timers and dancers with slippery hands or weaker handgrip strengths.

To top it off, it's very quick to install, removable, and safe!

7. Pole Classes with Marina Vishniakova

pole dancing classes

Marina Vishniakova

They say education is the one thing no one can take away from you. Which also means it's the best gift you can give to anyone! And for pole dancers, it's pole classes with superstar instructors like Marina Vishniakova.

Trust me, it's the perfect gift for pole dancers of any level.

8. $200 Gift Card from Super Fly Honey

superflyhoney pole wear

Super Fly Honey

If you still can't decide on the perfect gift, how about letting the pole dancer in your life choose instead? Because nothing's more awesome than a $200 worth of gift card from Super Fly Honey!

This shop offers tops, leggings, bodysuits, and accessories specifically for pole dancers. By giving a gift card, you'll both do yourselves a favor.

And that's it! Who would have thought gift-giving would be this easy?