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Video Reviews

Wondering about sticky leggings?

"Honestly now in the cold weather, I don't feel like training in anything else but these leggings... because my skin is very dry, so it is hard to warm up on the pole.

So it's really amazing leggings, they help so much in training. It's very sticky, material is super nice, very soft, so when you put them on, it feels great. And they are very stylish you can wear it outside.

So I recommend them if you struggle during the cold times and you want something to make your training a little bit easy, then I'd definitely recommend. This brand is really really nice."

Anastasia Skukhtorova (International pole champion)

Curious about gel kneepads?

“I just finished my training session and I honestly having nothing bad to say about these knee pads. They are freaking amazing! Everything is perfect is about them.

The velcro is really strong and don’t take off in training. The sticky part helps you do tricks easily and holds you up very well. It’s a very soft material and super nice and yummy! There’s a gel pad in here so it’s not a normal pad. It’s super nice.

It’s the first time I’m trying knee pads with the gel padding and I really like it. I think it’s better than normal pads. They really are amazing! You can jump in them, slide in them, roll in your knees several times. You feel nothing. It’s really wonderful!”

Anastasia Skukhtorova (International pole champion)

As Worn by...

Love from first spin 😍 Beautiful, super comfortable and the grip is perfect 👌 I'll be able to pole on freezing winter days! - @marina.vish

I've never been able to do #pdtitanic before but magic happens with @superflyhoneyworld sticky leggings😍! - @angelina.polerina

They look great and keep my skin protected on days when I’m worn out from training plus keeps me warm on the cooler weather.   
- @anastasiaskukhtorovapoledance 

Winter is coming if you're anything like me - having a hard time taking off clothes to climb a pole, here is a solution - sticky leggings 😊 - @tjasaskubic_poledance

Why we exist...

We make pole wear so you can stick to your dreams

Because pole is more than a workout, It’s your regular work-in

Each time you pole, you grow stronger both inside and out

So you keep poling, we’ll keep you sticking.