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I am in LOVE , I have tried many pairs of sticky leggings and always been highly disappointed either in lack of stick or durability with most barely lasting a few wears !
These leggings have the perfect amount of grip and are so comfy! (Plus look aaamazing)
— Gracie Lorimer
I was able to do many more moves because of the extra grip without getting exhausted. They also provide a nice barrier so I don’t bruise as much either. They are very flattering! I can still do the splits in them without any issues. They are by far my favorite pants!
— Cashea Smart
I loved these!!! They are so sticky and flattering. They made me feel like a superhero in my recent photoshoot! These are great for days you don’t have any stick, or if you want to try out tricks that usually hurt your skin too bad! These are awesome!
— Makeda Prewett
Love my SFH sticky leggings, they are very comfortable, you don’t sweat to death in them, and the grip is amazing!
— Nicole Schauer
Love the sticky leggings! I no longer pole without them. Highly recommended. A pole necessity, not just accessory 🤩
— Shelley Amir
The sticky leggings are amazing! Must have if you have a dry skin day, cold weather, or want to grip to all of these street signs when urban poling!
— Carly Child

💫Our ladies say that our sticky pole wear gives them “magic powers”, but we say it’s all you. 

You told us your obstacles - cold weather, dry skin, sweaty skin, conservative cultures, pain -  so we made sticky stuff so nothing can stop you fly. For some, you can finally show colleagues swinging your stuff and maybe even post it on Facebook 😉.

So treat yourself to a pair, discover what you can achieve. We promise it’ll not only make you look good but support you doing what you love and above all, becoming someone you love.