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June 26, 2021 3 min read


So you’re probably here because you’re preparing for a pole dance competition. Well you came to the right place! We got Miles, an amazing pole dancer and well versed performer on the pole stage, to help you get the most out of your pole dance competition video.


6 Tips to Create A Pole Dance Competition Video

1. Venue

Pick a venue that has bright lighting whether it be from the venue lights or natural sunlight from windows. Bright light is great and also makes it easier to video too. It is also important that your venue has space to perform and has no distractions.

Make sure that there are no distractions, whether it’s people or pets in the background, traffic flowing outside, or a pile of props laid on the side. This can be seen and heard on the video so it’s important to avoid these by clearing them out. 

Last but not least, pick a venue that has a pole or two. Depending on the routine you’ve chosen to do, make sure you have the right pole (static or spinning) to use at the venue.

2. Look

Choose an outfit that represents your style & dance theme. Along with that outfit accentuate yourself even more with makeup that compliments.

Of course more importantly, you should wear an outfit that fits your body perfectly because this will surely add to your confidence. Do not wear something “sexy” or “thematic” if you aren’t comfortable with it, because it will show in your video. Comfort = confidence, and you want to exude confidence.

3. Gear

Use a tripod to capture the best angle at a stable position. You don’t have to worry about your camera falling off and you can also play around with different angles to find the right one, when using a tripod. It doesn't have to be pricey, but it should ideally be a tripod that can work for a phone and camera.

Since you will most likely use your phone's camera, most tripods will work on that. As you continue your pole dance competition though, you can consider investing in using a DSLR camera or GoPro. That’s why it’s helpful to have a tripod that can work on several products.

4. Routine

You’ve probably have a routine already figured out by now, but if you haven’t a tip is to create a routine that is a mix of pole moves you are comfortable with and know plus some new stuff too.

Don’t be afraid to add the new pole moves but also make sure you are comfortable doing them. Overall you should be comfortable with your routine and not feel forced to do certain moves and styles.

5. Time

Time is of the essence, so don't wait until the last minute to film your routine! If you can, give yourself more than one day to film.

Another great tip is not to forget to film yourself even during practice. When you do so you can catch which moves you look good in and look bad in too, and make adjustments when needed. Making those changes earlier saves you time. It’s a lot harder to change the routine last minute plus may cause stress. You don’t want that!

6. Have Fun!

While all these tips to make sure you get that stellar video, don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy the process from beginning till the end. As you conceptualize, to continuous practice, till the final video take. Practice makes perfect and once you start it only gets better.

Watch a Pole Dance Presentation Video

Now that you have several tips under your belt, here is Miles' recent performance for Pole Presentational’s Spring Virtual Spring Show Seven

Miles is wearing the Sticky Leopard Leggings in Snow.