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Pole Fitness Exercise: Hip Flexor Stretch

Who has been sitting down way more than usual lately? Definitely us! This lockdown has made us spend more time lounging around watching Netflix and working all night that my hips have gotten tight and my lower back aches more than usual. Ouch! Feel the same way too? Well this exercise with Angelina hit just the right spot.⁣

Angelina shares a hip flexor stretch exercise, which is a great way to prepare your body for when you try the no hand butterfly move.

Did you know? There are a variety of hip flexor stretches that we can do aside from this one. Such stretches relieve discomfort, decrease tightness, and increase the mobility in your hips. Which in the long run keeps our bodies strong for simple activities like walking to rigorous movements like training on the pole.⁣

What's in it for you:

• Stretches the spinal area

• Strengthens the thighs

What you'll need:

• Chair


"I've never been able to do titanic before but magic happens with @superflyhoneyworld sticky leggings 😍!" - Angelina Polerina