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Pole Fitness Exercise: Shoulder Dislocates

Ever felt like your shoulder is going to pop out any minute in some pole tricks?

Yup! We've been there and this is why it's important to condition your body first.⁣

@angelina.polerina shares how to do shoulder disclocates at the comforts of your home (no pole needed). This is great if you plan to try out the ballerina or any move that requires shoulder mobility.⁣

Did you know? Shoulder disclocates actually give a full range of motion; it works the scapula through nearly all of its axis motions - elevation, depression, protraction, retraction, rotation, and some form of tilting. This motion aids in gaining/maintaining mobility. It also helps strengthen the shoulder along the way in all of those small areas and corners you may not otherwise be addressing.⁣

What's in it for you:

• Shoulder mobility and strength

• Helps to loosen your shoulder to prevent your shoulder from popping out

What you'll need:

• Resistance bands, short Stick or Towel (Alternative)


"When it’s freezing cold ❄️ but you want to play, @superflyhoneyworld sticky leggings save the day! 🤗" - Angelina Polerina