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March 19, 2020 2 min read

I remember when I first started using Instagram around 2016, the pole trick tutorial Vortex was quite a popular move! It took a few tries for me to figure out how to get into this simple yet odd twist, but once I did, it became my go-to move.

The vortex is a simple, beginner-friendly move but be sure to warm up the shoulders and obliques! Practice from the ground on a static pole before trying it on a spin.

Let's get started!
x Kimmy, blogger from Pole Asana

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Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 1
Raise the inside arm in front of the pole and bend the arm to reach for your head.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 2

Raise the outside arm to grab the opposite wrists.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 3

For the legs, the inside leg should be behind the pole around the thigh area.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 4
Squeeze the pole with the outside leg just above the knees. Gently put weight on theses contact points, your hips should fall outwards.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 5

Now let's get on the pole!
Start with a basic climb and have your bum as if you are sitting on a chair.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 6

Wrap your inside arm around the pole and grab your opposite wrists.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 7

Gently allow the legs to slide down. Arch your back and tilt your head.

Pole Tutorial: Vortex

Step 8

Exit by releasing the hands and grab the pole with the outside hand.  


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