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Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

March 19, 2020 2 min read

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

I personally love the pole trick tutorial Marion Amber because it's such an interesting shape to have the splits perpendicular to the pole! The move was named after their creators Marion Crampe and Amber Ray.

Before attempting this pole move, you should be fairly comfortable in your Butterfly or Ayesha as it does require some upper body strength. At first glance, the pole move resembles an extended butterfly with the top hand above the leg versus under the leg, so why did I have trouble getting into it?

Let's get started!
x Kimmy, blogger from Pole Asana

PS. I'm wearing the Super Fly Honey Tigress Top and Lioness Bottom Pole Wear



Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 1

Invert into an outside leg hang

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 2

Grab the top of the pole using the outside hand, and slide the inside hand down the pole.

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 3

Keep the hooking knee bent as your rotate your butt up. Being able to completely invert the torso is key!

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 4

Once your torso is completely inverted, both your arms should be straight

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 5

Straighten the hooked leg and extend the back leg into the splits.

Pole Tutorial: Marion Amber

Step 6

Exit by bending the front leg to hook onto the pole, pull yourself upright or transition into a combo.


There are several ways to rotate the butt towards the ceiling. I find the easiest way is to keep the hooked knee bent, bring the inside leg up and imagine squeezing the pole with your knees. Once you are completely inverted and the arms are straightened, extend the legs.


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