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  • Getting Into Pole Dance? Find Online Pole Dancing Classes!

    October 28, 2020 4 min read

    online pole dancing classes

    Introduction: Pole Dancing for Fitness & Sport

    Get healthy and sexy the fun way even during the quarantine. Online pole dancing classes can get you started. We'll help you get started!

    This sport has recently gained popularity on both men and women. And because of the recent pandemic, online pole dancing classes are getting more attention. These classes offer different levels of difficulty so that you can enjoy it while getting your exercise.

    Pole dancing as a sport is designed to get you in touch with yourself. It is popular among all age groups, and those who get into it enjoy benefits in both their minds and bodies.

     Caption: Looks fun, right?

    How Pole Dancing Keeps You Fit

    Like most other dancing and sports, you use all your body muscles to perform in pole dancing. It goes beyond by requiring you to hoist yourself high up on a pole though, sometimes with only an arm or a leg.

    Core and Muscle Strength

    Most of the pole dancing moves will build up both your core strength and your arm and leg muscles. Once you have learned to move gracefully high up on the pole, then you are equally strong. Because you are literally supporting your body on a single limb, you are capable of lifting your own weight.

    Gets Your Heart Pumping

    As soon as you exert effort, your heart will pump harder and make you sweat more. And because pole fitness is such an extensive sport, your body will continuously be working hard.

    This exercise will let you burn as much as 400 calories in an hour – and most sessions last for two hours. That’s 800 calories!

    Proper Posture

    A good side effect of the increased core strength from pole dancing would be better posture. Because you learn how to control your body on a pole, you will also be able to apply it in everyday situations – like sitting in front of a computer.

    Having a good posture will make your lungs work better, reduce back pain, and increase digestion.

    Better Mental Health

    Whenever you get the blood flowing into your brain, it will respond well because of increased oxygenation. Furthermore, exercise, such as pole dancing, commands your body to release dopamine and serotonin – chemicals that will help you feel better.

    All of these bring you not just physical or mental health, but overall well-being in your life.

    Pole Dance as A Sport

    Because of the traction that pole dancing has been getting, there are already campaigns underway to get pole dance recognized as a sport in the Olympics.

    An official body even promotes and supports pole sport as an art form. Even as early as 2014, Brazil hosted a pole dancing world cup. It was a three-day event with performers from all over the globe. For that year, the pole dance champion was Russia, in the men’s division, and Canada, for the women’s.

    With pole dancing gaining popularity worldwide and across all kinds and classes of people, we are excited to see a future where professional dancers compete against each other in the Olympics. We also dream of having globally-recognized and broadcasted pole dance competitions.


    Professional pole dance competition in 2013

    Where to Find Online Pole Dancing Classes

    I’m sure you’re excited to learn pole dancing, and I’m here to help you get that first lesson. Because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, I highly recommend that you start pole dancing at home.

    Don’t worry that there’s no one to guide you – you can start by watching free video lessons online just to get a feel for it. You could also follow professional pole dancers, like Evgeny Greshilov, on YouTube and Social Media so you could see what proper form is like.

    Once you’re ready, head over to the internet and search for online pole dancing lessons. Many lists will show you where to start, and you can carefully review website that offers classes. You could also check out some websites that offer coupons or discounts for the courses that you like.

    There are online schools, like Open Dance Academy, that offer live step-by-step pole training. With live training, you can join your instructor in real-time and talk with them if you’re having difficulty with some moves.

    Also, ensure that the course you take offers different levels of difficulty, so you can work your way from the easiest to the most challenging classes.

     Caption: Pole dance lessons for both boys and girls

    Some Tips When Enrolling in Pole Dancing Classes

    • Make sure that you are fit enough to endure the intense workout that pole dancing moves require. If you’re not sure, you should ask your doctor.
    • You don’t need to be strong at the start! You will eventually build your core strength as you go through the different levels.
    • Look through the lessons that an online class offers before enrolling. It must have different levels for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and experts. If it’s going to be your first time to register, always go for a beginner’s course.
    • Have the right clothes – it must be comfortable for you to move around in and won’t snag or slip on the pole.

    Essential Items You Must Have to Get Started

    • You got to have space. Ideally, it must be wide enough so that you won’t hit a wall or any other object when you swing around your pole.
    • The pole itself is crucial. You cannot have a substandard pole because it will be a safety hazard – it must support you and the movements you make. I recommend getting branded poles like X-Pole or Lupit Pole as they make quality items.
    • Crash mats are essential for safety, too. You shouldn’t climb up your pole without having something on the ground that will soften your fall if ever you slip.
    • You need several other items for pole dancing. Shop online for essential pole wear here!

    Have a Fun Way to Health and Sexiness with Pole Dance!

    Pole dancing for fitness and sport is an excellent way to build your body. You will increase both your core strength and arm and leg muscles while burning calories. Pole dancers are known to have good overall well-being because of this exercise.

    You can get started in pole with online pole dancing classes. You will gain the healthy, sexy body that you want and, at the same time, have fun!