Pole Tutorial: Allegra To Superman

March 19, 2020 1 min read

 The allegra is a graceful advance move yet transitioning out of it was anything but graceful! Somehow my arms were always tangled with my legs!

In this tutorial, I will show you the allegra to superman transition, so make sure you've practiced those individually!

Let's get started!
x Kimmy, blogger from Pole Asana

PS. I'm wearing the Super Fly Honey Tigress in Sunlight Lace Top and Angeline in Moonlight Lace Bottoms.



Step 1

Start with the allegra by inverting into an inside leg hang. 

Step 2

Using the same arm as the hooked leg, wrap behind the leg and grab the pole in the space by the knee.

Step 3

Arch your back, and hook the armpit against the pole.

Step 4
Bend the bottom leg and connect with the free arm.

Step 5

Straighten your top leg for the allegra pose.

Step 6

To exit, release the bind in the bottom hand and foot. Bring the bottom leg up and hold in a pike pose. Wrap the free arm around the leg and grab the pole.

Step 7

Release the 'allegra' hand and push the pole away from the bottom.

Step 8

Reach arms and legs away for superman! Ta-da!