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Pole Trick Tutorial: Inverted Flamingo

February 16, 2023 1 min read

The Inverted Flamingo is an intermediate trick that makes a beautiful inverted shape on the pole andperfect shot for those pole photoshoots.


You’ll get step by step instructions on how to achieve this pole dance trick with an infographic guide. Scroll down to watch the full video tutorial.


Step by Step Pole Trick Guide

Pole trick infographic guide of the inverted flamingo pole trick showing step by step photos on how to achieve move.

Watch Inverted Floating Flamingo Pole Dance Move Tutorial

More of a visual video learner? Then this video tutorial is for you. Farah shows you a step-by-step slow-mo video tutorial on how to enter and exit this inverted flamingo.



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About Our Instructor - Farah

Farah is a pole and flexibility instructor at Project Pole Egypt. Along with that she is also a clinical pharmacist and social media specialist. Farh started pole dancing 7 years ago because a friend of hers convinced her to and she was immediately hooked. She uses pole dancing as a tool to encourage other women to challenge themselves and discover who they are, especially since she lives in a predominantly Muslim country.

 pole dancer farah

Read more about Farah and her pole dance journey in What Woman Want Magazine.