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About the Designer


I have a goal to… get into the splits by 2016. I have a plan to stretch every week. Hold me accountable!

I like… reading and long walks on the beach #truth! But also cooking. I adore and love travelling and my newest hobby is herb growing and adult colouring in.

I dislike… photoshop. mozzies & traffic with a passion.

What I was doing before… I was never really sure to be honest, so thankfully I'm not doing it anymore!

My favorite quote is… “I alone cannot change the world… but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” – Mother Teresa.

My favorite book is… Cinderella!

Great challenge right now is... doing everything and being everywhere all at once, so much so that sometimes you're nowhere and doing nothing.

Why I started Super Fly Honey... I like creating something from nothing - a brand, a product and relationships that span around the world.

But I guess all I really want to say, and it's the most important thing, is thank you again and again for making everything worthwhile. It still amazes me that even just one stranger in the world somewhere would actually like, let alone, purchase, something I created. This world is so strange sometimes! Happy thanksgiving with all my love.