Pole Tutorial: Miracle Sit

March 19, 2020 1 min read

The miracle sit looks simple and beautiful but don't be fooled! Getting into the pose is easy but staying in it will take some practice. Be sure to warm up your shoulders!

Begin by practicing on the ground, then take it up in the air only when you’re confident.

Let's get started!
x Kimmy, blogger from Pole Asana

PS. I'm wearing the Super Fly Honey Tigress Top and Lioness Bottom.

Step 1

Stand with the inside leg crossed in front. Bring the inside shoulder in front of the pole.


Step 2

Place the outside hand on the pole slightly lower than the hips. Crunch the legs up as high as possible.


Step 3

Press the outside foot against the pole and squeeze the shoulder tight!


Step 4

This may feel too much already, but slowly let go of the bottom hand, then the top. Practice and you will eventually be able to hold for longer!