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Pole Trick Tutorial: Pineapple Spin

April 12, 2023 1 min read

Pole Trick Tutorial: Pineapple Spin

The Pineapple Spin is an intermediate pole trick that you can incorporate into your pole routines. This trick uses your arms and legs to create a similar shape to the libelulla but with both feet up instead.

You get step by step instructions on how to achieve this pole trick with an infographic guide. Scroll down to watch the full video tutorial.

Step by Step Pole Trick Guide

Step by Step Pole Trick Guide

Watch Pineapple Spin Pole Dance Move Tutorial

More of a visual video learner? Then this video tutorial is for you. Ana shows you a step-by-step slow-mo video tutorial on how to enter and exit this pineapple spin.

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About Our Instructor - Ana Sku

Blue eyed Anastasia Skukhtorova’s name rose to fame in the pole dancing industry when she debuted on the international competition stage in 2009.

With absolutely no formal background in dancing, gymnastics, or any other sport - she won her first national competition after only 11 months of pole training, and rose to international stardom in under 3 years.

Read more about her in our blog,Anastasia Skukhtorova: Performer Spotlight.