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  • 7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Empowering to Moms

    May 13, 2022 5 min read

    Infographic containing seven reasons why pole dancing is empowering to moms

    7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Empowering to Moms

    Hi mama! You’re probably thinking about pole dancing which is why you’re here and wondering if this is something for you. Whether you may have just given birth or have been a mom for a while, pole dancing has gotten your interest but you aren’t just sure yet.

    For one, pole dancing is more than dancing with a pole. Super Fly Honey is a brand that is mostly mothers so we’ve seen how pole dancing has gone beyond its obvious meaning. Pole dancing is empowering and we’ve listed our favorite reasons why we think so.

    1. Builds Strength, Flexibility, and Energy. 

    One obvious reason why we love pole dancing is because it builds strength, flexibility, and energy. We all know how motherhood itself has given us strength we never knew we had, I mean c’mon giving birth is no easy feat, right? But oftentimes we find ourselves drained and with no energy from all the things we’ve got to do at home and in work, so how do we beat that exhaustion? By gaining energy and strength from a new hobby like pole dancing.

    Pole dancing, although fun with all the expressive ways to dance, also happens to require physical strength. Knowing you can lift your whole body is empowering. You may not think you can but you will be amazed that all that practicing to get to those pole tricks and moves builds your muscles up. Along with that, pole dancing eventually increases your flexibility since it requires you to reach out, bend, and even twist to get into those pole dance moves. Plus point is that you also improve your posture and balance too.

    Of course with all this movement which is pretty much a work out, pole dancing eventually gives you added energy to get through a day.

    1. Fun Way to Work Out. 

    Motherhood is a work out. C’mon we know it is *wink wink* but sometimes doing the same thing everyday can be a bore. If you’re looking for something new and fun to do then pole dancing is something to try out.

    Pole dancing allows you to discover moves you thought you never had. If you don’t think you’re a dancer, you’ll be surprised you will be when you try pole dancing out. Plus along with the pole dancing itself, being in the community of pole dancers is an added fun itself. Having fellow moms and pole dancers to cheer you on through your pole dance experience is fun.

    1. Builds Confidence

    If you’re reading this it’s probably because this thought has come to your mind, “ I don’t think I can pole but it sounds so good and fun.” Well pole dancing will show you a whole new you.

    All pole dancers start from the basics and most of the time that includes a whole lot of self doubt. But guess what, that self doubt eventually goes away with all the hard work, practice and determination. You will be surprised that you can lift your body up and do those pole moves and that builds your confidence up. Learning a new trick each time and then being able to do it is a boost to your self esteem.

    1. Gives You “Me Time”

    In the world of motherhood, me time is often hard to find. We know how it can be when you get busy with work, then busy with baby, then busy with hubby, and you find yourself wondering when you can get busy with you. Pole dancing is the perfect excuse to give you time for yourself.

    Not only does pole dancing give you time for yourself, but also a safe place for self discovery. As you do pole routines, you find a space where you can not just motivate yourself to do those difficult tricks but also think about your passions, goals, and build relationships with your fellow pole dancers too. Me time is self care which results in an empowered mom.

    1. Makes You Happier 

    It’s no secret that working out releases endorphins aka happy hormones. A good source of this hormone is physical exercise. These endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain and help reduce the perception of pain.

    So even if it does hurt to climb that pole and stretch out to do that trick, the pain aka pole bruises can’t be compared to the happy hormones you feel. Of course when you’re happy, this means you feel less anxious and stressed too. That’s a win for any mom!

    1. Improves Overall Physical and Mental Health  

    Motherhood is a 24/7 job that will test your mental and physical health hence it’s crucial to keep your mental and physical health on a watch. As mentioned before pole dance has so many benefits in terms of physicality and when our physical bodies are at balance this then improves other aspects like sleep and energy.

    It also has a positive impact on your mental health as it can be an instant mood booster, plus helps you reduce stress and anxiety.

    1. Brings You to a Community Full of Love, Care, and Support

    Last but not least pole dancing brings you to a community full of love, care, and support. Oftentimes motherhood takes away from our social life because obviously it does get busy being a mom, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’re looking to finally venture out and have a social life again, pole dancing is a great venue to do so.

    The pole community is one welcoming and supportive. You won’t be left behind because there will always be someone to help you up (literally and figuratively.) You also get the opportunity to learn from pole dancers all over the world, from those who have been doing it for years or someone who just started out too. The different backgrounds and stories to share is a great boost and empowers you as an individual and community.

    Speaking of communities, we’ve got one for you! If you’re planning to start pole dancing soon, you’re welcome to be a part of our Facebook Group, Super Fly Polers. Meet and connect with pole dancers, some who are pole mamas too from all over the world with varying pole experiences, pole skills, and stories.

    Convinced to try pole dancing out now? We hope you are 😉 Don’t forget to share this article out with family and friends so they can get into the benefits of pole dancing too! 💜

    P.S. Here’s a great way to ease your way into pole dancing with some strengthening exercises.