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  • 5 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing (Even if You’re 50+)

    June 19, 2021 4 min read

    A guide that shows five reasons to start pole dancing (even if you're 50+), with a photo of an older female pole dancer doing the flamingo pole move wearing Super Fly Honey sticky fishnet leggings.

    Pole dancing for me? At my old age? Impossible! Well it’s not, but indeed very much possible even if you’re 50+ years old. Not convinced? That's why we got help from Jima an amazing pole dancer, who is 55 years old to share her top reasons why you should start pole dancing and how her journey came to be.

    5 Reasons to Start Pole Dancing

    If you’re thinking of pole dancing, Jima shares her top 5 reasons to try pole dancing. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

    1. Cardio and Strength-Building

    Pole dancing is a fun workout that helps you burn calories & build muscles. All the movements, from training to execution, help in burning fat aka cardio. The constant repetitions (because you can never just nail a trick at once 😉) eventually build your muscles and overall strength. 

    2. No Need for Experience

    You can be a total newbie! Even the most inexperienced, uncoordinated, & non-flexible person can learn. All great pole dancers started from the basics.

    There are plenty of tricks and variations that you can pick to learn according to your level. Also pole dancing takes practice, a lot of it. Each time you practice, you will see yourself getting better and improving.

    3. You’ll Feel Younger and Healthier

    Your body changes for the better - stronger, more flexible, and even more energy. Pole dancing is a full body workout. Before what may seem like such a task, will be a breeze - like doing a spin or an invert 😉

    Pole dancing is a journey of you discovering what you can and cannot do on the pole, and perfecting pole moves over time. It’s a continuous journey that strengthens your muscles, bones, and body which eventually give you that energy boost unlike before.

    4. Mental Well Being

    Pole dancing builds your confidence, mood, and overall mindset. With the change in your body over time, you will find yourself feeling better about yourself too. As you accomplish one move from another, simple to complex, you gain self confidence and pride over your achievements.

    Along with the positivity is the addition of endorphins too. Pole dancing is a workout (we know we’ve said this a lot!) that benefits you not just physically but mentally too. Pole dancing releases endorphins, which reduce your stress levels.

    5. Supportive and Non-Judgmental Pole Community

    Pole dancing studios, classes, groups, etc. are places where you can feel safe and welcomed. The pole community doesn't care what age you are and will gladly take you in with open arms, every step of the way.

    You will meet pole sisters or brothers of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds who will support and guide you in your pole journey. So if you’re worried you’ll be left behind, you won’t.

    How It All Began

    Hi friends! My name is Jima and I started pole dancing in the fall of 2013. I was introduced to the world of pole dancing by my friend, who was an instructor at our local studio. She always asked me to join her class but I never said yes right away. I admired her strength and fitness, and thought to myself, “I want to be just like her.”

    After a few years later, I finally gave in and said yes to a class. I was the oldest student, but everyone welcomed me. I would find myself counting the days to my next class. I would be excited to be in a room full of positive, energetic pole dancers.

    The Struggles of An Older Pole Dancer

    I was generally the last person to get a pole move. I guess my age and inexperience was a factor to that, but that did not stop me from wanting to keep trying. I was determined and what I lacked in grace, I made up for in strength.

    I found out that one of my pole instructors was in her 60s and that inspired me more in my pole dance journey. She was an incredible person, a beautiful pole dancer, and an amazing athlete. It motivated me to know that I wouldn’t reach my pole expiry date soon. That I had a chance to be just like her too.

    How I Got Into Pole Competitions

    My class was doing a piece in the student showcase. I volunteered to make everyone’s costumes because I wouldn’t perform in front of people, but I wanted to be involved. My classmates insisted I be involved in the piece so I did a small part. After that I was excited to get a chance to participate. I went on to compete 4 times in the doubles division.

    Also that year I began to train as an instructor. This has been the highlight of my poling years. I love to boost confidence in my students and cheer them on.

    Speaking of performances, here is my latest performance for Pole Presentational virtual spring show Seven. I portrayed the sin of jealousy and it was a very emotional dance.