I'd love to share with you a great story of how the name ‘Super Fly Honey’ came about. Let me take you back to one Saturday night out in the city of Sydney downunder with friend Josh. 

It started off as one of those 'Why am I out, I wish I was in bed" nights. But here we are - just before our first step into the hotel’s grand entrance. Being OCD, I listened for that satisfying echo when black stiletto meets glossy stone. Clack.

And not even an instant after, Josh abruptly pulled on my elbow. Clackity, CLOCK! clack! CLOCK!

You know, that unceremonious clatter you make half tripping half balancing on stilettos that seems to go on and on as if to give you eternity to gather any shreds of dignity left.

Shreds found, I was ready to face palm Josh with profanities. But it turns out someone had done the job for me... his face all starstruck, jaw all open. Which glamazon had bewitched him this time? My gaze followed his ...

And I was bewitched too.

Beautiful, yes. Face, body, dress, all of it. Beautiful. But it wasn’t that. At the time, I couldn’t pin point it exactly. All I knew was that all at once, whatever weariness I had felt was now replaced by a surge of excitement for the night ahead. Whatever “I should be in bed” thoughts I had were replaced by “I should be on the dancefloor with a gin & tonic right now” thoughts.

Josh closed his jaw and said to no one in particular - 

“She is one Super Fly Honey”. 

It was perfect.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step (or stumble, in my case). This Laozi quote came to mind. It’s a sign, I thought.

The morning after, my first thought was “I should have stuck to the rule: 1 water for 1 drink”. My second thought was… her. 

I mulled it over. I suppose the lack of magnificent men had something to do with it. But no really, what was it about her? Although parts of the night were murky, she was crystal clear. Her laugh played in my mind, uninhibited and loud. It was one of those Infectious laughs. Not a care in the world. She was having such a good time... and it dawned on me that that was what bewitched you, that she was simply having such a good time... And she made you have a good time. You know what I mean right?

Maybe you know someone like this. People that are the joy of life… a refreshing breath of air. They illuminate the room and you feel glad to just be there. The sun in the centre of every constellation.

Cheesy, I know. Still, whoever you are, wherever you are - Miss Super Fly Honey, thank you for the inspiration.