Sticky Gel Kneepads


Sticky Gel Kneepads


Not just a pretty face, we’ve enhanced the poler’s knee pad. You worry about doing exotic, we’ll worry about your knees. It’s a game changer.

Do your most fierce floorwork.

  • Made of neoprene that is wear resistant

  • Made of gel padding that provides shock absorption

  • Both materials - super durable, super protective

So functional.

  • Sticky open back for grip

  • Easy slip on for no Velcro that may loose stickiness over time and add bulk at back

  • Wash instructions - gentle cold wash, no fabric softeners

Design update: The quilting lines have been edited to match the fishnet lines, matchy matchy!

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Size measurement:
Measure your lower thigh, this is where the top of the knee pad would sit.

XS: 34-CM-36CM
S: 36.5CM-38.5CM
M: 39CM-41CM
L: 41.5CM-43.5CM
XL: 44CM-46CM