What other polers and aerialists are saying about Super Fly Honey

You know what its like to receive a little blue box from Tiffany? You instantly smile and your heart flutters with excitement. Well Super Fly Honey clothing is gives you exactly the same giddy feeling. Knowing that the perfectly wrapped gift is going to contain equally divine pole apparel is what pole dreams are made of.

Every time I receive a package from SFH, i actually stare at it for a while. Its almost a shame to open the exquisitely wrapped package. But when you finally do, the material of the apparel is like a touch of heaven in your hands.

Quality is not the only thing that you notice.... the fitment, the details, the colours!! Ahhhhhhhh!! There is nothing compromised with SFH!

SFH is the Tiffany of pole apparel. If you couldn't tell, I am very much fan girling and would recommend everyone to buy a piece or ten of SFH and join me in heaven :-)
- Shayne Evans/ @shaynebabe (Los Angeles, USA) - United Pole Artists, Volare Pole & Aerial Arts Magazine

My package arrived in a beautiful box. There is nothing like that feeling that your receiving something personal and special. It truly shows the love behind the product. And when you reach in and hold your new pole wear for the first time... Talk about luxury ! So soft and smooth , it's a must to try it in right away! If your looking for pole wear that is going to not only feel great but fit great you have found it with super fly honey. Talk about confidence boost.

There's no limit to what you can achieve when you put your heart into something for me it's my training. And for super fly honey you can feel the passion that went into the design the moment you put these on. There is something special they do that makes you feel special and that is an achievement all in its self.
- Paula Floyd (Kingston, Canada) - Pole Instructor, Pole Fitness Kingston

I was so excited to receive my SFH pole wear. It was packaged beautifully and with style. I ordered the phoenix top in white with french black and the attitude in white and french dot black. Everything about her clothing was perfect. It is unique, feminine, and excellent quality. Unfortunely the bottoms were a little too low in the back for my comfort. I will definitely be purchasing from SFH again just in a style that fits my body type. I am very impressed with this pole clothing line and Sheena's personal touch and passion for her clothing makes it even more special!
- Rae Marie Venarucci (Waverly, United States) - Pole Student, Pole Dance Fitness, Scranton PA

The packaging was lovely! The set came in its own little bag. The thank you card and the lip gloss were such unexpected lovely little personal touches. It felt like I had really given myself a gift, a treat. The fabric is so soft and luxurious. The fit is beautiful, true to size and the mesh trim evens out any bumpy bits.
- Ciuri Nolan (QLD, Australia) - Pole Student, Pure Pole Academy

The stunning silhouettes in each and every piece from Super Fly Honey is what first caught my eye. The designs are sexy, powerful, playful, and extremely flattering. Not only is the luxe fabric of superb quality, but it is soft to the touch and makes for a beautiful fit, like its made for you specifically. I really love how these pieces fit true to size, and accentuate the feminine form.

The first time i put on a set, it amped up my confidence, I was ready and thrilled to show it off. These pieces are very special and you can tell every detail has been looked over with special care and attention! Each order arrives in its own little Super Fly Honey cotton pouch, keeping them safe, in addition to a beautiful personalized note from the creator. Could it get any better?
- Joanna Skora (New York, USA) - Aerialist Performer & Instructor, Body & Pole

Every time I receive a package from Super Fly Honey it’s like a little bit of magic spills out! Everything is at such high quality, you can tell so much love & care is behind the creation of It all – from the quality of material and designs .. right down to the packaging, and personalized notes! From one poledancer to another, we know what we want & super fly honey meets all our needs and more!
- Hayley Morris (Sydney, Australia) - Studio Owner, Pole Ex Studio

Super Fly Honey pole wear is beautifully made with high quality, luxe fabric. I love the unique designs and intricate details of everything. Wearing the apparel, I am comfortable and secure, I never have to worry about anything falling out of place. The packaging is adorable and adds a very personal touch. Thank you SFH for creating a brand that feels just as amazing as it looks.
- Tiffany Jane/ @titojane (Los Angeles, USA) - Pole Competitor, Performer & Instructor

Love the packaging. Use the bag the clothes come in for my jewelry =) Love the fit and the material. Really comfortable plus I get a lot of compliments on it.
- Nikki St.John (Los Angeles, USA) - Creator of Pole Dance Nation, Pole Student at Pink Pole Studio

Love the style, love the feel, love the look, love the logo, love what the brand represents. Finally pole clothing that looks elegant, graceful, feminine and Chic. Looking forward to the next release!
- Vanesa Cini (Sydney, Australia) - Pole Competitor & Instructor, The Pole Precinct

My SFH pole gear arrived in beautiful soft bag. My first impression is how stretchy and smooth the material is. When I try it on it fits my curves beautifully, and stays in place no matter what crazy moves I'm doing on the pole! I feel gorgeous, confident and feminine in my SFH pole gear!
- Carla Stephanie (Sydney, Australia) - Pole Instructor, Miss Fit

I have to say that I absolutely ADORE Super Fly Honey. From the beautiful, unique designs to the fabulous customer service, you could not ask for anything more.

I fell in love with Super Fly Honey from the beginning when they popped up on Facebook. I signed up for the release and waited with baited breath until -FINALLY- I could buy it! I was incredibly disappointed when I had issues with my internet and was unable to purchase the items I wanted before they sold out.

Disheartened, I contacted Sheena to let her know my predicament. Sheena not only sympathised with my disappointment, she bent over backwards to try and help me get the items that I wanted, looking through other stock just in case one had been tucked away and continually corresponding with me in a kind and excited manner. Sheena was professional, but also very friendly and honest and it was clear that she genuinely cared about helping me out.

When my product arrived, it was beautiful! Gorgeous wrapping, a lovely bag and a personalised note from Sheena wishing my success! I was also delighted to receive a lip balm with a thank you note, which just goes to show how much the brand Super Fly Honey value their customers. The clothes themselves are fantastic! The fabric is heavenly, soft and luxurious and not sheer!! They fit perfectly and are comfortable to dance in... plus there is great crotch coverage- a must for polers! ;)

Overall, I am so happy with my Super Fly Honey pole apparel and grateful for the time and effort Sheena has put into assisting me. I recommend the brand 100% and cannot wait until the next release!
- Nicole (Melbourne, Australia) - Pole Student

Everything from the packaging to the wear of your product has not only impressed me, but has gone that extra mile in making me feel that little bit special. It's such a comfortable and sexy design I wear it confidently and never want to take it off! Thank you!
- Clare Conway (Melbourne, Australia)

My new pole gear - It's DIVINE! I hope one day I can be a Brand Ambassador for you because I absolutely love this brand! As a poler with boobs its so hard to find something that fits so nicely! And the bottoms are so comfy!!
- Krystal McInerney (Adelaide, Australia) - Pole Instructor, Pol-arise Fitness and Dance

As a photographer I get to work with all kinds of clients, and when they go on to do amazing things I get to be there. Working with Super Fly Honey was a lot of fun, and they're doing amazing things. When I shoot anyone wearing their gear, I know it's going to go well. They have a good thing going on, a great vibe, and it's contagious.
- NFG (Queensland, Australia) - Aerial Photographer

My SuperFlyHoney pole wear arrived today and I opened the parcel to find a cute little drawstring bag containing my goodies. The bonus gift lip balm was a nice touch as well. I love the detailing on the seams with crossovers and sheer panels. The black and white looks very elegant on and I was pleasantly surprised how well it stays in place. No need to adjust or peek-a-boo worries!
- Claire Luckman (Brisbane, Australia) - Pole Student, Evolve Fitness and Pole

I am so in love with you guys.
I love the way you packing my stuffs.
And I’m so impressed that you left me a message in Korean!! That was very cute. Thank you.

I will definitely buy again.
- Song Yi Lee (Seoul, South Korea) - Pole Instructor, Modern Pole Studio

Such beautiful, soft, luxurious fabric! I LOVE my new bra and shorts, they look and feel great, and they stay put while I'm poling. I couldn't ask for better quality and style.
- Janet Cee (Los Angeles, United States) - Pole Instructor, The Secret Pole Dance Studio, The Vertitude

I'M IN LOVE! My SFH set is so beautiful & fit me perfectly!
The material is so soft & stays put when I dance, no more nip-slip worries!

This will be the perfect costume for me for casual studio performances as SFH is definitely fancier and more beautiful than normal sport bra but much more affordable as compared to made-to-order costumes!
Postage was so fast! I didn't expect to get it within 2 days of ordering. Love all the personal touches from Sheena :)
- Paris Tran (Brisbane, Australia) - Pole Student, The Pole Gym Brisbane City

There is so much to say about my SFH order but 2 words can sum it up: Simply Amazing! The fit is incredibly comfortable and they are great for any trick or spin. It provides just the amount of stretch with just enough "sexy" to make you feel beautiful. This is my new go to brand!
- Cashea S. (Colorado, United States) - Pole Student, Fit Body & Pole

I love Super Fly Honey! The outfit arrived in a sleek canvas storage bag. I love to keep my pole attire organized, so that was a really nice touch. The material is both comfortable and sexy. The design is elegant and clean. Wearing SFH makes me feel special as if I'm about to perform in a show or pose in front of the camera for a photo shoot. Thanks SFH!
- Abigail Marie (Charleston, USA) - Pole Student, Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness

Packaging: The packaging was really beautiful. I rarely take photos of items shipped to me, but I did this time around. I liked that my order was wrapped with tissue paper and a sticker then stuffed in a canvas drawstring bag. The packaging along with the hand-written note put a really luxurious and personal touch. Also the tags that the clothes come with are really nicely made.

Material: The material feels amazing. I only tried it on, but haven't tested it out yet. So far it feels light and soft, yet durable and moisture wicking. I'll give more feedback later.

Design: The designs are beautiful. I literally stalked your facebook page since February and saved money to order a couple pieces. The french dot lace is amazing!

Phoenix in French Midnight Top: This ended up being my favorite top. I didn't think I would like this one as much as I did! I had to take out the padding because it was a bit too small with it inside. The size chart is pretty accurate. I feel pretty confident that I could move around in this without having a nip slip. My only complaint is I wish there was an option for non-push-up padding because sometimes I don't want my nipples to show through but I don't need any more push up since I am already busty enough. Since it was black and snug it concealed my nipples pretty well even though it was a bit cold haha.

Attitude in sunlight bottom: Once again size chart is accurate and the material is amazing. It feels really comfortable. Unfortunately I ate at a buffet before trying it on, so it wasn't so flattering after a large meal. It fit my bum really well. It accentuates it without showing too much and wasn't overly tight or loose.

Raven in White light top: To be honest I was a little disappointed by this one, but I should've also understood the limitations of thin straps and gravity haha. I felt like there wasn't enough support, so I'm not sure if I could move around without things slipping out. Since it's white without the padding it can be a little sheer. This top did fit a bit looser than the phoenix, so adding the padding wasn't a problem. I liked that the padding fit inside the top without seeing lines too.
- Tonya Lei (Chino Hills, United States) - Pole Student

My outfit makes me feel amazing. I look sexy and beautiful in my new skin. The feel of the outfit has this amazing softness yet is quite durable. I love the clean and simple design as it fits my personality.

Superflyhoney is beauty in its rawest form. I can feel amazing in my new skin and gain inspiration from my new found confidence. It gives me the strength to reach for my dreams.
- Anna Fang (Sydney, Australia) - Pole Student, Hardcandy Pole Studio

I discovered SFH about a year ago on instagram and instantly fell in love. I ordered the Swan top and the Attitude bottoms in classic black the day of the release. The ordering process was super simple. My order arrived in 2 days and I was so excited.

I ripped the packaging open (Was just that ecstatic) to find a beautiful bag with my pole clothes delicately wrapped inside, along with two hand written notes and a lip balm (As I was one of the first ones to order). The fit was perfect and I can't wait to show it off to more people. The material is soft and excellent quality making it really comfortable to pole in. I absolutely love the design - it's sexy yet functional and also one of a kind.

I can't wait to see what Sheena has in store for the next collection . Naturally there will be plenty more outfit appreciation photos on my Instagram.

All in all I would highly rate SuperFlyHoney as it's AMAZING!
- Meagan Gillies (Melbourne, Australia) - Pole Student

Being one of the first to receive a set from Super Fly Honey felt like the first time you fall in love. The butterflies in the stomach - would it look good on me? Would it suit my fitness needs? I was pleasantly surprised to discover a beautifully packaged product, evident of creative attention to detail. 'Luxurious quality', was the first phrase that came to mind and I was hoping the garments would not disappoint.

It is often difficult to find unique pole apparel / fitness pieces that are high in versatility. I noticed the stitching of the intricate designs were hand sewn with care and bra cup inserts firm and durable. Being an avid fitness adventurer - I would have no hesitation to wear this jogging, swimming, whatever my heart desired. The quality of Super Fly Honey definitely stands a cut above other competitors in the market. A boutique, niche market 'filling major design and quality pole wear'!
- Kimberley Goh (Sydney, Australia)

I had been really excited about the SFH launch because all the Instagram photos were just so pretty! The website was no different. It was beautiful, simple, and so easy to navigate.
I bought the Swan top in classic black and loved it so much I made my boyfriend buy me the top in pure white.

The material was super smooth and the design was just so snug! Love the quality! I don’t pole but I wear my SFH tops when working out, I’ve worn it to a rave with leggings, and I think it would also look perfect with a high-waisted skirt for dancing away a Friday night. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful designs!
‘S’ is for sexy, stylish and SUPER FLY HONEY!
- Therese Luong (Sydney, Australia)

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