Marina’s journey began in 2012...

when she left home in Russia to follow the love of her life to Italy. She explored a new country and like so many of us, Marina tried pole on a whim, and instantly fell in love. She quit her job to pursue her dreams of becoming a pole instructor.

Like all fairytales, life happened;
Marina had a beautiful bundle of joy and pole dancing was put on hold. Following her c-section, the road to recovery was long and difficult. It was her passion that brought her back to pole, and step by step, twirl by twirl, with the support of her pole family, she slowly found her way again.

Now, Marina is an amazing pole instructor, places in national championships, a fiercely strong mother, an artist.

This is a story of a pole dancer’s passion; Marina’s story.


Maximum support. Freedom of motion.
Luxuriously soft. 

Marina is wearing our Tigress set.

Our take on the classic high waisted bottom is classic style, made modern. Be bold in a cheeky cut, but be sensible with super crotch coverage.

It is matched with our geometrically inspired top. Designed for maximum support, without sacrificing freedom of motion, it will stretch and move with you through your most powerful moves.

Both are made in fabric as soft as silk, as strong as you. We took yarn from Italy and France and wove them using the latest microfibre technology create a high-performance and luxurious fabric.