Nicole dances in Sticky Fishnet Leggings in Grey Sky and Green Forest. Photo by Jealous By Nature.


💫Our ladies say that our sticky pole wear gives them “magic powers”, but we say it’s all you. 

You told us your obstacles - cold weather, dry skin, sweaty skin, conservative cultures, pain -  so we made sticky stuff so nothing can stop you fly. For some, you can finally show colleagues swinging your stuff and maybe even post it on Facebook 😉.

So treat yourself to a pair, discover what you can achieve. We promise it’ll not only make you look good but support you doing what you love and above all, becoming someone you love.

There is something special they do that makes you feel special.
— Paula Floyd (Kingston, Canada) - Pole Instructor, Pole Fitness Kingston
Super Fly Honey is the Tiffany of pole apparel.
— Shayne Evans @shaynebabe (Los Angeles, USA) - United Pole Artists, Volare Pole & Aerial Arts Magazine
Finally pole clothing that looks elegant, graceful, feminine and chic.
— Vanesa Cini (Sydney, Australia) - Pole Competitor & Instructor, The Pole Precinct
Beautifully made with high quality, luxe fabric. I love the unique designs and intricate details of everything.
— Tiffany Jane @titojane (Los Angeles, USA) - Pole Competitor, Performer & Instructor
Love the fit and the material. Really comfortable plus I get a lot of compliments on it!
— Nikki St.John (Los Angeles, USA) - Creator of Pole Dance Nation