There is no compromise for quality

The moment you touch it, you know it's quality. The moment you wear it, you know it's worth it.

The highest grade yarn is sourced from Italy and France. Then it is weaved together using the latest microfibre technology to create a high-performance and luxurious fabric.

Our fabric is also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. This means our fabric has passed testing that it contains no harmful substances and is safe for you and the environment. Pole wear is worn snug against your body and it's important that it's non-toxic and allergy-free. 

There is no compromise for quality.

And quality never goes out of style.

& With great quality comes great responsibility

Protect your Super Fly Honey pole wear in the sturdy canvas drawstring bag it comes with.
Especially after your pole class - put your SFH in the protective bag and then in your pole bag. No heel pokes at your pole wear, please!

What are others saying about our fabric?

timeless bottom fabric.jpg
The material of the apparel is like a touch of heaven in your hands.
— Shayne Evans/ @shaynebabe (Los Angeles, USA) - United Pole Artists, Volare Pole & Aerial Arts Magazine
It’s soft to the touch and makes for a beautiful fit, like its made for you specifically.
— Joanna Skora (New York, USA) - Aerialist Performer & Instructor, Body & Pole
The fabric is heavenly, soft and luxurious and not sheer! They fit perfectly and are comfortable to dance in. Plus there is great crotch coverage - a must for polers!
— Nicole (Melbourne, Australia) - Pole Student
My first impression is how stretchy and smooth the material is... it fits my curves beautifully, and stays in place no matter what crazy moves I’m doing on the pole!
— Carla Stephanie (Sydney, Australia) - Pole Instructor, Miss Fit