Pole Tutorial: Seahorse

March 19, 2020 1 min read

The seahorse is a beautiful intermediate move and today I will show you how to get into this pose.

Before trying the seahorse, you should be comfortable gripping the pole with the back of your knee. Moves like the side saddle superman or the genie (even with your hands holding on to the pole) will give you an idea of what to expect.

Let's get started!
x Kimmy, blogger from Pole Asana

PS. I'm wearing the Super Fly Honey Tigress Top and Lioness Bottom.

Step 1

After inverting and hooking the top leg onto the pole, bring the bottom leg in front of the pole as you would in the genie.


Step 2

Once the bottom leg is gripping onto the pole, drop the top leg and cross your legs. Push the ankle against the pole.


Step 3

Now let's look at the hands and arms.

As you transition the legs, the free hand should regrip higher onto the pole. This will give you enough space to thread your body under the arm.


Step 4

Flip the top hand.


Step 5

Arch your back in the seahorse pose and make sure to keep the toes pointed!

Step 6

Play with different shapes! Try extending an arm out if you feel comfortable


Step 7

To exit the move, thread your body under the top arm to grab the pole


Step 8

Use your upper body strength to gently come out of the pose.