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Pole Trick Tutorial: Umbrella

March 23, 2023 2 min read

Pole trick infographic guide of the umbrella pole trick showing text on how to achieve move.

The Umbrella is
a beginner/intermediate pole trick that you can incorporate into your pole routines. This trick uses your arms and legs to create a elegant shape that can be used for transitions and combos.

You get step by step instructions on how to achieve this pole trick with an infographic guide. Scroll down to watch the full video tutorial.


Step by Step Pole Trick Guide

Pole trick infographic guide of the umbrella pole trick showing step by step photos on how to achieve move.

Watch Umbrella Pole Dance Move Tutorial

More of a visual video learner? Then this video tutorial is for you. Céline shows you a step-by-step slow-mo video tutorial on how to enter and exit this umbrella.

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About Our Instructor - Céline

Céline is a 35 year old mother of 10 year old twins. She is amulti-faceted professional, who takes care of the administrative part of the company of her husband and also an independent in the cultural field - she does guided tours in museums, conferences and writes popular science articles in archeology and art history. 

She got into sport "late" after gaining a lot of weight before and after her pregnancy. She was simply accompanying a friend to the pole studio. But from the first lesson, she knew she would push the door again. Fast forward, she came to teach yoga, hammock and wellness workshops. Her classes were focused on body perception, feelings and self-respect rather than performance. Unfortunately, the covid disrupted this beautiful project and after that she gave private lessons at home for a while before taking a short break to rediscover the pleasure of pole dancing "for her ''. That said, she continues her "pole positive" crusade and continues to spread good vibes and her benevolence through daily tutorials on