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March 29, 2022 17 min read


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You are thinking about practicing pole dancing at home, right?  That’s why you’re here, wanting to know the 2022 Best Dance Pole for Home Use.  Yes, who wouldn’t want to learn and practice pole dancing?

Since then, movies started featuring leading roles doing pole dancing, like Jamie Lee Curtis's bed-pole dancing in True Lies and Jennifer Lopez as Ramona in Hustlers. Who wouldn’t dream of learning pole dancing?



Pole dancing is a combination of acrobatics and dance on a vertical pole.  Many people associate this dance sport with stripping, but it’s so much more than that.

Pole dancers have developed a lot of core strength and skills in using the upper and lower body. It is one of the great methods of working out.

Let’s see what the best pole for home use is.

How to Choose the Right Home Dance Pole?

Having the best dance pole will ensure your safety and make you more confident in showing the best moves you have.  

Here are the factors you have to consider in choosing what dance poles for home fitness are your options.

Safety First

The tension that most dance poles have- from the ceiling, the floor, and the pole is something you must always be mindful of.

1. So, before you set up your dance pole, find the right place that supports its tension.  Use a stud finder.

2. Your dance pole should be made of high-quality material that can surpass the pressure during its set-up.

3. Make sure your dance pole has a well-plated chrome finish so that it will not peel off after some time of use.  It’s best to find something rust and corrosion-resistant.

Size Matters

Although the most common size for dance poles is 45 mm, many still use sizes like 40mm, 42mm, and 50 mm.

What’s with the size?

Size matters because your moves on the dance poles will also rely on it.  Professional pole dancers use silicone dancing poles larger than the sizes we indicated.  

Some pole dancers also want a pole that fits right into their hand size.

A woman with blue nail polish holds a pole

Photo from Canva

A Stage for High Ceilings

Your worry is because your ceiling is taller than your pole!  Well, with a bit of imagination, you need not be anxious about it.

These dance poles will still be called portable dance poles even though you are thinking of making a stage at home, so your pole reaches your ceiling.  You may even take them to the beach if you want to!

A woman doing her exhibitions on a dancing pole, on a beach

Photo from Canva


You can learn and practice with a standard ceiling height of 8’, but 9-11’ is the best ceiling height that allows you to move more and with great aerial inversions.  But don’t worry too much about your ceiling height, because you’ll learn that creativity is still the best option.


It Fits Just Right!

The major concern of those who plan to buy the best dance pole for home use is if it fits right into their home ceiling.  Sure, every pole comes with a ceiling height chart, but it’s time-consuming to read charts!

Here is where removable poles come in!  For sure, there is an extra extension so that you may adjust it with your ceiling’s height.


Fixed Poles Cost Less

You may want to stick with fixed or static poles instead.  Well, that is totally fine.  Static poles cost less compared to other poles.  

These poles require bolting their brackets into the floor and ceiling.  These ceiling brackets make them more stable and withstand heavy loads.

And because they are fixed, they can withstand more force and heavy body weights than many dance poles available in the market.  Fixed poles are also the best option for people living in apartments with high ceilings.

Just a friendly warning, you may want to set your pole at a place where you can secure it under a ceiling joist for added stability and avoid damage to ceilings and floors.


Spinning Pole for the Win

Do you want to invest in a pole that does both?

Do you want to learn pole dancing easier and have lots of fun?

Then, your choice should be a pole that spins.  It holds the pole while it rotates,  giving the viewer a lovely view and the dancer a fun ride!

Many pole dancers find it fun, even just simply holding on to the pole and swinging.  You will enjoy it like a kid on a swing at the park.

Quality is Still the Best Policy

Most people begin shopping for dance poles focusing on their budget. That’s understandable.  But if you can afford a good quality name-brand pole, it is better to do so.

Why is it important to choose quality?  Well. for so many reasons, it’s best to determine quality.  But mostly, it is about not regretting that you have chosen a cheaper one and end up not being able to use it well or for a longer time.

10 Best Dance Poles  for Home Use


Photo from


There are many dance poles for home use, and you are now confused about what to buy.

Here are products that have been reviewed by buyers and, hopefully, will help you make that final decision.  We have listed the best home dance poles for you to weigh out the qualities of the right pole. They are presented in no particular order.

Umeken Dance Pole

1. Umeken Dancing Pole is available on Amazon and is ideal for those with beginner or advanced skills.  It has two modes:  Static Pole mode and Spinning mode.  What more?  Its height can be adjusted to up to 7.3 to 9 feet.

2. It is made of heavy-duty steel and is chrome-plated, making it more durable as it will less likely chip or peel.

3. It can carry a load of as much as 440lbs.

4. It has easy screw locks on the base for both spinning and static modes.  Just untighten it to be in spinning mode.  Having two modes is particularly desirable for those who prefer to change modes for different performances.  Some love static poles, but the challenging moves may also be made using spinning dance poles.  It’s really up to you.

5. It has extra thick, soft rubber on the square dome and base for superior grip on ceiling and floor surfaces.

6. It is 45 mm in size, the most common size for beginners, pros, or home users.  It is suitable for home use or competitions.

7. Its seamless finish provides pole dancers with a comfortable feel and superior safety.

8. Its detachable design allows it to be broken down into small pieces,  making it easier to uninstall and take along anywhere.  A removable dance pole is, of course, more user-friendly.  

This pole is one of the poles for home use available in the market and has been declared as one of the sturdy poles for home use.

9. This dance pole can be a removal pole and replaceable pole, which may be positioned at any part of your home.  It comes with a handy carrying bag so you can just go anytime you like.

Pro-fit Portable Professional Dance Pole

1. Pro-fit is of professional quality.  

2. Its size is 45mm in diameter.

3. It is also chrome-plated making it durable from rust and corrosion.

4. If you have a high ceiling, don’t worry; it fits  from 7 feet 6 inches to 9 feet (2.2m-2.7 m.)

5. It is very simple to install and uninstall.  You won’t be needing more tools or ladders.

6. If you want to take your Pro-Fit Dance Pole up to 10 feet 4 inches, you just need to buy additional extensions that are sold separately.

7. This dance pole supports a weight of up to 250 pounds (113 kg).

SereneLife Pole Dancing Pole

It gives you all the flexibility you need for great at-home workouts shifting to either the static or spinning modes just by moving two set screws located at the base.

This dancing pole will work for most indoor spaces as its height can be adjusted from 6’7” to 9” tall.

1. Durable Steel Tube

SereneLife Dancing Pole is made from high-standard, sturdy steel pipe.  It has a unique black finish for rust resistance and durability.  It can bear a weight of up to 1,102 lbs vertically & 617 lbs horizontally. Yes! You’re right that this dance pole seems to carry more weight than the others in the market.

2. Static or Spinning

This dance pole lets you switch between static and spinning modes.  You just have to adjust the screws at the base.  Now, beginners or professional pole dancers won’t have difficulty practicing their beginners to finish entry-actions and professional poses.

3. Adjustable Height

You don't need all those tools to drill your ceiling and floor!  This dance pole is easy to install and store.  The height can be adjusted from 6.7 to 9 feet with three extension poles to accommodate different ceiling heights.

4. Anti-Rust Surface

This dance pole is anti-corrosion and has an anti-rust surface. This is important so you’ll be confident that what you buy will last long. The total product dimension is 9”x9x108” with a 2.2mm threaded tube size.

5. Friendly for Beginners

So, you are just beginning your journey with pole dancing?  Fret not!  This dance pole is friendly to everyone.  It won’t give you a hard time.

This is perfect for stage performance, teaching, physical exercise, club, bar, gym, dance studio, as a prop for photography, or home use.


Photo from Superflyhoney


Zeny Dance Pole Kit, Removable Pole

Zeny Dance Pole Kit is available on Amazon and is a removable pole.  It is easy to carry and install anywhere.  It comes with extension poles for a better fit.

1. Steel Construction

This dance pole set is premium-grade chrome-plated steel in a silver finish.  Its makeup is durable, firm, and heavy-duty with a 45mm thick steel pole.  That’s why it can carry a load of up to 440 pounds.


2. Exquisite Workmanship

Have the confidence in placing your grip on the removable dance pole because its screws are fixed firmly, with seamless steel that will surely not scratch your hands.

3. Silicone Dance Pole Pad for the Base

Both the base and the dome have silicone pads to prevent slippage and, at the same time, protect the floor and ceiling.  

4. Adjustable Height

If you want to adjust the height of the dancing pole for home, it comes with a 1x140mm dance pole extension and a 1x254mm extension; you may extend the pole’s height from 7’3” to 9”.  It is easy and simple!

5. Spinning and Static Modes

If you need your good quality pole spinning or static, you may set it.  You just have to tighten the bottom clamping screw; then, you can use the pole’s spinning mode.  

And you can do this without drilling! Yes, you read it right!  No damage to your ceilings and floors!

X Pole Xpert Pro, Quadruple Ball Bearing System

Are you the type that prefers to be up and about?  Do you move houses often?  Then, this X Pole Xpert dance pole is best for you!

This dance pole with a quadruple ball-bearing system is a perfect plus to their spinning or static modes.  This is an excellent dance pole!

1. X Pole Xpert, The Most Advanced Pole

The Xpert Prostatic or spinning pole has all the strengths of the Xpert when it comes to the different modes available- spinning and fixed pole modes.

What they pride about the X Pole Expert Pro and sets it apart is the X-Lock mechanism.

X-LOCK Mechanism is a simple mechanism around the base that enables the Xpert Pro to convert to a spinning mode from a fixed position by independently rotating it.  Now, switching from both modes is faster and more convenient!

2. X Pole, Highest-Standard

The X Pole Stripper Pole is manufactured by a well-known British company specializing in portable dance poles.  You will be confident about it being of the highest standards.

With this X Pole dancing pole, you get to choose the best modification by color and type of coating.  X Pole is stainless steel, so you’ll be comfortable keeping your grip on it.

So, if you are a newbie in pole dancing, you can handle it; or better yet, X Pole Xpert Pro can handle you!

3. X Pert Pole, Portable and Removable

X Pert Pole is one of those removable dance poles that flaunts being a portable pole because it gives you the flexibility to put it down or move it any way you want, anytime you need.  It is easy to install and remove.  This removable pole for home use is as sturdy as the fixed one.

However, if you are sure you’ll never have to go anywhere with your pole dancing, setting a permanent dancing pole is ideal.

But don’t worry about portable or removable dance poles.  These removable poles have a stable base.  Although they’re not as strong as the fixed pole because they’re not planted on the floor like a fixed one, they still serve their purpose safely.

Rekink Portable Spinning Dance Pole

With Rekink Portable Spinning Dancing Pole, you will enjoy the benefits of having a spinning dance pole that’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and portable.

1. Spinning or Static Mode

You’ve got two choices: to perform using the spinning and static mode.  You adjust the screw nuts located at the base to convert to spinning, then to static, or vice versa.

2. Sturdy and Heavy-Duty

This dance pole has a 2 mm thickness and 441 lbs. maximum weight capacity.  And because it’s made of solid steel and professionally chrome-plated, it is more durable from chipping or peeling off.  Its seamless surface makes you feel more comfortable gripping the dance pole during performances.

3. Easy to Assemble and Adjustable

Because this dance pole is adjustable from a height of 88” to 108”, it is suitable for dance sport exercise, a dance pole for home use, in a gym, or even in a club.

It is easy to assemble with no ceiling fixtures needed.  It’s easy to set up from down to the top.  No ladder required!

And because it’s detachable, its mobility is not a question, so you’re ready to dance fitness anywhere you like!

4. Your first dance pole or not, this is for you!

Beginners, professional dancers, and pole fitness lovers- this dance pole for home or anywhere you want to use is for you!

Pro-Fit 50mm Professional Spinning Dance Pole with LED Dance Light

Pro-Fit has a 50mm pole diameter compared to the commonly used 45mm.  What’s good with this dance pole set is that it comes with a LED Dance Light!

The LED light has two modes:  a stay-on light or a light show.  You can attach it to the pole without any fuss for your pole dance performance.  But if you’re not the type to want lights on your pole, you perform without it. 

You can now set your dance pole fitness exercise routines with confidence!  This portable dance pole will let your hands glide with ease on its smooth-finished steel chrome pole.

Vivohome Dance Pole for Home

Vivohome’s portable dance pole is an excellent fitness tool because besides being made of durable chrome steel material featuring an easy-to-grip yet smooth surface, you can switch it between static and spin modes if you wish.

1. Premium Material

It is made of premium chrome steel material that is durable, rust, and corrosion-free.  The surface is seamless and smooth, so you can be confident about keeping your grip on it.

Its user-friendly design makes it ideal for daily workouts.

2. Adjustable Height

Vivohome Dance Pole has a threaded rod built into the main pole.  You just have to insert the fixing rod and simply rotate it into place.  The threaded rod allows you to extend or contract the pole to fit it into any space.

With Vivohome poles, you get two (2 ) extension poles with each purchase.  This will let you extend the length from 88” to 108”.

3. Switch Between 2 Modes

So you may move without any limitations, this dance pole offers three different modes-The Static Mode and Spinning Mode.  You will just need a Hex key to tighten the pole and keep it from spinning.

The swivel base and the angular stability lock help stabilize the pole when set on uneven surfaces.

It follows your mode and your mood!

4. Wide Applications

This pole may be used by anyone, anywhere!

This dance pole is suitable for dancers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts.  You may use this in gyms, yoga rooms, clubs, bars, and of course, your home!

Halona Professional Dance Pole

Halona’s professional dancing pole is 9.4 feet and has extension poles that can easily be adjusted without a fuss.

The portable pole is made of 45mm steel with chrome plating and has silicone rings around the upper dome and base to protect your ceiling and floor from scratches you’re worried about.

The spinning and static modes are adjustable with a screw knob.  Your hands will glide smoothly on the pole because the surface is seamless, does not irritate your hands, and is easy to clean.

But wait, there’s more!  The beginner’s kit comes with a free wristband as a welcome gift.  

You may use this portable pole for gyms and homes.

Lupit Pole - Classic G2 Powder Coated 45mm, New Powder Coated

Why do they say that this pole is the best choice if you want to do a lot of pole exercises at home?

This pole is designed to be ultra-sticky for pole dancers who find gripping different metal poles challenging.  Everything comes with this pole, like having two spinning and static modes; it is removable and portable.

You don’t need to drill through floors and ceilings.  You can install it quickly without the fuss of confusing installation guides.  

You will recognize the quality just by looking at its surface.  Its unique upper disc Flex System and New Safety Block Nut promise quicker installation and a high standard of safety and security.

And if you worry because your ceiling is high, well, this pole got you covered.  For ceilings taller than 2800mm/9’2”, 24”, please check the extensions for the pole height for up to 3300mm/ 10’5,98”, available on their website.

Why Pole Dance?

Maybe your main reason for trying pole dancing is to gain the skill you can use for talent exhibitions, or perhaps you want to improve your body fitness.  Whatever your reasons are, pole dancing can be more than a hobby or skill.  It is something that will help us be healthy and strong.

For Cardiovascular Health and Weight Loss

Pole dancing has lots of benefits.  And among the most prominent is that it helps in weight loss and burns calories.  The rigorous activities in the sessions help you burn calories and reinforce muscle building from lifting and climbing.

Helps in Mental Health and Boosts Self-Confidence

Exercising is good for mental health.  During these activities, endorphins are released.  These endorphins reduce stress and anxiety.  These things will improve how you see yourself, which will change your appearance and make you glow like a beautiful flower!

Improves Flexibility and Muscle Strength

Pole Dancing is a great exercise that focuses more on the upper body plus the inner thighs and upper arms.  Fitness routines often find it hard to engage the inner thighs, upper arms, and upper body strength.  But with Pole Dance, you can achieve this effortlessly.



Here are more tutorials and guides for beginners and professionals alike.

Adds Body Weight

Pole Dancing is a great way to add bodyweight exercise into your fitness routine.  And to add to that, it is also the best way to learn how to handle your body weight.

That’s why when we say pole dancing is for everyone, we mean it.  Whether you are the type who wants to add weight to your body or the type that likes to lose weight, pole dancing is for you; You Just got to have the passion for it, then you’re all set.

Fun and Challenging

Pole Dancing is pure fun and a little challenging at times. But with practice, you can hurdle the challenges of dancing or exercising with a pole.

A Pole is Easy to Clean

Owning a pole won’t give you a hard time maintaining it.  The way you clean every pole depends on the material they’re made of. Plus, you’ll have to  remember these things:

  • Powder-coated poles or those that are made of silicone should not be wiped with alcohol or you’ll damage it.
  • Use soapy water and cloth-dry afterwards
  • Remember that harsh materials should never be used on poles.
  • Don’t use scouring pads, bleach, and furniture polish

You May Perform Lots of Tricks

Well, spinning poles or not, there are lots of tricks you can do with a pole.

Tricks for Beginners


Superman Embrace


Fold Over

Shoulder Mount

Flying Climb




Floating Flamingo


Figure Head

Basic/Scissors Sit

Tricks for Intermediate Level

Flying bird


Vertical Split

Unicorn Split


Jade Split

No Hands Butterfly

Sky Dancer

Twisted Monkey



Tricks for Advance Level

Ayesha with a Forearm Grip

Here is a complete list and guide on how to do all  these tricks and more.

Pole Dancing Leggings and Accessories from Super Fly Honey

Now that you have chosen the best pole out of the many poles available, the next thing to do is prepare the things you need to start your pole dancing routines.

Sticky Velcro Gel Knee Pads


Do your most fierce floorwork.

  • Made of neoprene that is wear-resistant
  • Made of gel padding that provides shock absorption
  • Both materials - super durable, super protective

So functional.

  • Open back for grip
  • Attached by velcro to whip it on and off ultra quick
  • Silicone on the inside to help hold the pads in place

Grip Gloves

Photo from

When you are a beginner with pole dancing,  you may need more time to develop muscular strength in your hands to hold your body weight on the pole.

But what if you want to try pole dancing now?  And so, grip gloves will help you dance longer and endure holding on to the pole longer too.

Photo from

Remember, there is no substitute for developing the strength to grip with your bare hands, and you should let go of it as soon as your hands have developed the protection they need from blisters and pains from the impact of carrying your own body weight.

Sticky Leggings

We have a variety of lovely sticky leggings that do not only help you perform well on the pole but also ensure a glamorous appeal.


Be picky about being sticky (and safe)

Grip without the strip. This simple, elegant design will keep you covered up for when you want all eyes on your technique (our dancers say they love that they can now share their videos with their boss and conservative parents).

Bend it like beautiful, with complete flexibility thanks to our unique, four-way stretch technology.

Minimal, modern high-waist fit and shiny, strappy-back design for the pole dancer who's picky about being sticky.

Grip for longer. Our material is designed to keep you elevated so that you can nail that move, especially when you’re on a photoshoot.

Our dancers say these feel like magic, as if it were a second skin.

It’s a snug fit because, first, pole grip and safety! You don’t want to be sliding around inside your leggings. So yes, it will be a workout to get into them, but worth it (also a good warm-up).

Sticky Shoekinis

You take care of your moves; we take care of you!


Protect your heels from yourself.

  • Super protective – it’s made of neoprene, one of the most durable fabrics.
  • It lasts forever – it may get dirty with you but never tears apart.

So functional.

  • Reversible – one side gives enough grip for poling but is not too grippy for floor work. Finally, you can pole in suede booties!
  • The other side is for your super smooth floor flow, making floor work easy.
  • Easy slip-on tube, but we don’t want a slip hazard so that it will be a tight fit.


Powder or Cream

To have that firm, strong grip over the stainless steel material that your sometimes sweaty hands cannot afford, you will need a powder or cream. This hand powder or cream will enhance that grip, and your hands stick to the pole until they get stronger with practice.

Bottom Line

There are lots of best dance poles in the market today.  But the only time you’ll find out how good they really are is when you personally try them when you pole dance.

Remember, the best dance poles vary as our needs and preferences differ with each person.  Other poles are not mentioned here, and that doesn’t mean they are not among the best dance poles.  We just focused on ten of the best dance poles for pole dance at home.

Start Your Pole Dance Journey Today!

We want to be with you on your journey to becoming the best dance pole enthusiast or performer you want to be.  At Super Fly Honey, we have all the tutorials, leggings, and accessories to equip you with the confidence to start your pole dance routines.