Pole, lyra, silk, whichever art you’ve chosen, you love how it makes you feel.

Powerful. Confident. Beautiful.


So it makes sense that what you wear to pole and aerial dance should also make you feel this way. So while you’re working hard to perfect this art form, we’ll be right here working hard to perfect another form of art to support yours.


Our mission is simple:
For you to look and feel magnificent in every piece of Super Fly Honey.
This means that from the moment you unwrap Super Fly Honey to the moment you touch it and finally to the moment you wear it, you’ll know there is care in every step and quality in every detail - we promise. Because just like you know there is no compromise for hard work, we know there is no compromise for quality.


Our design concept is simple:
Modern & Minimalistic


Our values are simple:
In all that you do...
Pole, dance & all things life:
Keep it real, keep it simple.
But give it class, give it everything,
& Inspire the world.


Welcome to the World of Super Fly Honey

- An October 2015 Beginning - 


It’s DIVINE! I hope one day I can be a Brand Ambassador for you because I absolutely love this brand!
— Krystal McInerney (Adelaide, Australia) - Pole Instructor, Pol-arise Fitness and Dance
You can feel the passion that went into the design the moment you put these on. There is something special they do that makes you feel special.
— Paula Floyd (Kingston, Canada) - Pole Instructor, Pole Fitness Kingston
I love Super Fly Honey! The outfit arrived in a sleek canvas storage bag. I love to keep my pole attire organized, so that was a really nice touch. The material is both comfortable and sexy. The design is elegant and clean. Wearing SFH makes me feel special as if I’m about to perform in a show or pose in front of the camera for a photo shoot. Thanks SFH!
— Abigail Marie (Charleston, USA) - Pole Student, Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness
The packaging was lovely! The set came in its own little bag. The thank you card and the lip gloss were such unexpected lovely little personal touches. It felt like I had really given myself a gift, a treat. The fabric is so soft and luxurious. The fit is beautiful, true to size and the mesh trim evens out any bumpy bits.
— Ciuri Nolan (QLD, Australia) - Pole Student, Pure Pole Academy